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Jun 08, 2018
Dodd Frank Act Reform Signed Into Law

Jun 04, 2018
Dodd Frank Act Reform Passes Congress

May 11, 2018
CFPB 'Black Hole' Fix and Amendments to the TILA_RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule (TRID 2.0)

Nov 08, 2017
Texas Voters Pass Home Equity Amendments

Oct 10, 2017
Texas Legislature Passes Home Equity Amendments

Apr 18, 2017
CFPB Amendments to ECOA FHA LRS ML

Feb 15, 2017
CFPB Consent Order with Prospect Mortgage

Jan 20, 2017
FHA Loan Review System and MIP Changes

Sep 14, 2016
FHFA Published Redesigned URLA Form

Aug 17, 2016
August 2016 CFPB Proposes TRID Amendments

Jul 12, 2016
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Update ARM Note Term...

Jun 15, 2016
Fannie Mae Clarifies Modification of One-Time Close Construction Loans

Apr 18, 2016
Fannie Mae Removes Restriction on Use of Powers of Attorney for Texas Home Equity Loans

Feb 17, 2016
FHFA Completes Rep and Warranty Framework

Jan 20, 2016
CFPB Issues Informal Guidance on TRID

Nov 16, 2015
CFPB Issues Final HMDA Rule

Oct 19, 2015
CFPB - Hudson City Redlining Consent Order

Sep 15, 2015
CFPB - Marketing Services Agreement

Aug 12, 2015
U S Supreme Court Update

Jul 07, 2015
CFPB Delays TRID Implementation

Jun 15, 2015
CFPB AMC Final Rule

May 14, 2015
CFPB Updates Examination Manual and Settlement Booklet

Apr 21, 2015
VA HUD-1 Itemization Requirements Effective 5 1 15

Apr 17, 2015
US Supreme Court LO Overtime Ruling

Mar 18, 2015
CFPB Proposes Small Creditor Amendments to QM

Feb 13, 2015
CFPB Consent Order Wells Chase

Jan 16, 2015
FHA Revised Form and Model Document Changes

Dec 18, 2014
Pending Changes to FHA 'One-Master' Rule

Nov 20, 2014
Integrated Disclosures Early Action Items...

Oct 13, 2014
CFPB Signs Consent Order for Flagstar Bank on Default Servicing Practices

Sep 15, 2014
CFPB Proposes Expansion of HMDA Reporting Obligations for Lenders

Aug 11, 2014
Texas Finance Commission Issues Proposed Home Equity Rules

Jul 15, 2014
CFPB Issues Guidance on Mini-Correspondents and Bona Fide Warehouse Lines

Jun 16, 2014
CFPB Fines Realty Company for Disclosure Violations and Requiring Use of Title Affiliate

May 20, 2014
CFPB Proposes QM Post-Closing Cure

May 12, 2014
VA Proposed Interim Final QM Rule

Apr 14, 2014
Future of Overtime Requirements for Loan Officers

Mar 17, 2014
FDIC Interagency Exam Procedures

Feb 18, 2014
Norwood Supplemental Opinion

Jan 13, 2014
FFIEC Social Media Guidance for Federal Regulators
Dec 17, 2013
Final Integrated Disclosures Rule

Nov 15, 2013
Joint Agency Disparate Impact QM Statement

Oct 14, 2013
HUD QM Proposed Rule

Sep 16, 2013
Joint Agency QRM Rule Reissued

Aug 13, 2013
CFPB Sues Lender for Loan Originator Compensation Violations

Jul 22, 2013
Texas Supreme Court Invalidates Home Equity Interpretations

Jun 11, 2013
CFPB Additional Rules on Ability-to-Repay and Loan Originator Compensation

May 15, 2013
CFPB Small Entity Compliance Guides and Ability-to-Repay and QM Comparison Chart

Apr 17, 2013
CFPB Makes Mortgage Complaint Database Public

Mar 11, 2013
HUD Issues Disparate Impact Final Rule

Feb 14, 2013
MLO Comp Appraisals

Jan 28, 2013
CFPB ATR-QM High-Cost and Escrow Rules

Jan 07, 2013
2010 RESPA Interpretations

Dec 17, 2012
CFPB Advertising Investigation

Nov 12, 2012
Fannie-Freddie Representation and Warranty Framework

Oct 15, 2012
CFPB Draft Strategic Plan 2013-2018

Sep 17, 2012
CFPB Proposed Loan Officer Compensation Rule

Aug 15, 2012
CFPB Proposed Rules

Jul 11, 2012
TDSML and Finance Commission Final Rule

Jun 15, 2012
CFPB Point and Fees and LO Qualification Proposal

Mar 01, 2012
FinCEN AML and SAR Requirement for Non-Banks

Feb 01, 2012
CFPB Exam Procedures FHA Indemnification Policy

Jan 01, 2012
New Texas Payoff Statement Form

Sep 28, 2011
USDA RDS Guarantee Fee

Aug 31, 2011
CFPB Interim Final Rule on AMTPA

Jul 29, 2011
Credit Scores Added to Adverse Action Notices and Risk-Based Pricing Notices

Jun 29, 2011
New Texas Restrictions on Collection of Homeowners Association Assessments

Mar 22, 2011
Electronic Disclosures, MDIA and RESPA

Feb 17, 2011
Financial Institution SAFE Act Registration

Jan 25, 2011
Implementation of TILA-MDIA Tabular Payment Stream

Nov 05, 2010
Loan Originator Compensation

Jun 04, 2010
Rural Housing Proposed Rule

May 27, 2010
Should you Pay Your Loan Officers Overtime

May 11, 2010
FHA Requirements

Apr 13, 2010
Federal Preemption of UPL

Apr 12, 2010
Required Use of Attorney for Preparation of Mortgage

Apr 09, 2010
Importance of Lender-Counsels Review of Deed

Mar 12, 2010

Jan 29, 2010
Texas Home Equity ACORN Case Decision

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